Ranged Gear
2010 Fireworks
8-Bit Blaster
8-bit Phoenix
8-Bit Throwing Barrel
Accursed Vampire Bat Hand
Advanced Exploding Lab Table
Agent 99's Laser Goggles
Alien Parasite
All-Seeing Golem's Hammer
All-Seeing Sentry
Amerilaser Blaster
Anchor Cannon
Angry Attack Squirrel
Annoying Elf: Keith
Artemis Bow
Artichoke Morning Star
Atmoblaster 777
Atomic Disintegrator 3100
Attack Ocelot
Attack Raccoon
Attack Racket
Attack Snake Staff
Azurewrath's Return
Bald Eagle
Bamboo Dart Blowgun
Battle Bottle
Battle Slingshot
BB Gun
Beach Battle Sword
Bear Mine Gun
Beef Wellington Launcher
Bejeweled Sword of Great Fury
Big Apple Launcher
Blackhole Ray Gun
Blizzard Wand
Blow Dryer
Blue Bloxxers Paintball Gun
Bombo's Bow and Arrow
Boss Bunny Bow and Arrow
Bouquet of Pain Throwing Stars
Boxing Glove Launcher
Breath of Fire
Brilliant Throwing Knives
Bunny Ninja Master Sai
Burger Launcher
Candy Cane Bow
Candy Cane Launcher
Captain's Flintlock
Carrot Slingshot
Celtic Throwing Stars
Chaos Master's Wing Slasher
Chartreuse Periastron Gamma
Civil War Artillery
Clown Bomb
Cobalt Multiblaster
Colossal Blade
Confusion's Cauldron
Confusoray 672
Conjuror's Fist
Cool Story Air Conditioner
Crate of Snakes
Creepy Zombie Monkey
Crossbow of the Blades
Cupcake Launcher
Cupid's Beloved Blade
Cursed Fire Flame Thrower
Dance Grenade
Danceblaster 7000
Dark Alien Hatchling
Dark Spellbook of the Forgotten
DarkAge Assassin Crossbow
DarkAge Kunai
DarkAge Ninja Bow
DarkAge Ninjas: SunFire Scroll
DarkAge Shuriken
Darkest Arts Sword
Darksteel Katana of Ancient Illuminators
Dart Trap
Deadly Laser Vision Polar Bear Mount
Deep Space Raygun
Deluxe Coil Gun
Deluxe Dance Ray
Deluxe Mechatronic Spider
Deluxe Slime Ray
Deluxe Snowball Cannon 3000
Disintergrex Blast Gun
Donut Danger
Double Fire Laser Gun
Drachenstein The Guardian
Dracovin Spell Book
Dracovin's Wand
Dragon's Breath Potion
Dragon's Flame Sword
Dragonshead Cannon
Dreamwalker's Dagger
Dual Axe Monsters
Dual Plungers
Dual Venomshanks
Dynamically Lit Bow and Arrow
Dynamically Lit Sword
Earth Protection Orb
Earth Summoning Horn
Earth's Might Staff
EKoSS Bow and Arrow
Elixir of Dreams
Emerald Knights of the Seventh Sanctum
Emerald Knights of the Seventh Sanctum 2
Emerald Scatterblaster 2000
EMP Shockmine
Evil Green Science Goo
Exploding Arrow Crimson Crossbow
Exploding Lab Table
Explosive Spy Pen
Explosive Super Glider
Exponential Rocket Launcher
Fake Chartreuse Periastron Gamma
Faux Firebrand
Fermion Blade
Festive Artemis Bow
Festive Dual Plungers
Festive Dueling Piano
Festive Laser Blaster
Fire Breathing Friend
Flak Cannon
Flaming Hedgehog Cannon
Flaming Mace
Flaming Orb of Divine Pain
Flock of Attack Seagulls
Forbidden Box
Foul Poison Fowl
Freeze Ray
Frozen Blue Ice Crossbow
Fusion Gatling Blaster
Galactic Forcefield Glove
Galactic Green Blaster
Galactic Laser Gun
Ghost Dragon
Ghost Ship
Ghostfire Throwing Daggers
Gigantic Crossbow
Glory Launcher 2012
Golden Bow and Arrow
Golden Chakram of the Sky Palace
Golden Shuriken
Granny's Crossbow
Gravitron 3000
Green Elf Bow
Green Gremlins Paintball Gun
Green Laser Scythe
Halloween Bow and Arrow
Hand Cannon
Heat Seeking Missile Launcher
Hedgehog Horde
Helper Cannon
HEX Spitter
Historic 'Timmy' Gun
Hi-Velocity Phaser 5700
Hockey Stick
Holiday Ornament Staff
Honey Badger
Horde of Attack Chirps
Horde of Attack Crabs
Hot Chocolate Launcher
Hot Pepper Launcher
Hyperlaser Gun
Ice Breaker
Ice Dragon Slayer
Ice Staff
Icicle Cannon
Icy Arctic Fowl
iLift Two
Incinerator 6000
Inglaciator 6000
JediTkacheff's DeathStar
jmargh's Arm Cannon
Kami Potion
Keith's Vengeance Launcher
Killer Bee Launcher
Killer Whale Launcher
Knights of RedCliff: Battle Horn
Knights of Redcliff: Bow and Arrow
Knights of the Seventh Sanctum Axe
Knights of the Splintered Skies
Knights of the Splintered Skies 2
Knights of the Splintered Skies: Bow
Knights of the Splintered Sky: Wind
Korblox Battlefield Trap
Korblox Bone & Arrow
Korblox Deathspeaker's Spell
Korblox Flying Oblivion Horn
Korblox Krossbow
Korblox Mage Staff
Land Shark Shooter
Laser Finger Pointers
Laser Guided Missile Launcher
Laser Gun of Tomorrow
Laser Lava Launcher
Laser Throwing Stars
Levitating Staff of the Cosmos
Lightning Horn of the Heavens
Lightning Orb
Lightning Wand
Lucky Throwing Axes
Luger Pistol
M1 Garand
Magical Turkey Wand
Magmarealm Crossbow
Magmarealm Spear
Magnificent Magenta Paintball Gun
Mauser 96
Mechatronic Spider
Meerkat Horde
Mega Mallet
Metal Cog Shuriken
Meteor Staff
Mind Controlled Lasers
Music Blaster
Mystic Sword of the Flames
Mystical Griffin
Mythic Sword of the Earth
Mythic Sword of the Tides
Mythic Sword of the West Wind
Ne'Kotikoz Incarnate
Ne'Kotikoz Phaser
Neon Octopus Cannon
Neon Rainbow Phoenix
Ninja Darts
Ninja Whip
Njay's Web Blaster
NobleDragon's Noble Dragon
Not-so-friendly Ghost
Nova Wand
Noxious Chocolate
Nuclear Winter Icicle Gun
Omega Rainbow Sword
Orbital Flute Strike
Orbital Violin Strike
Orbital Violin: Deep Freeze
Orinthian Axe
Orinthian Blaster 3777
Orinthian Electroslasher
Orinthian Falcon
Overseer Crossbow
Overseer Short Sword
Overseer Smashing Hammer
Paintball Pro
Paper Ninja Stars
PE Whistle
Penguin Horde Attack
Penguin Shooter
Personal Fighter Jets
Personal Fighter Jets 2
Pi RAIG Table
Pirate Throwing Axes
Pirate's Flintlock
Pizza Kunai
Plunger Launcher
Poison Picnic
Poisonous Butterfly
Portable Justice
Poseidon's Quake Trident
Positronic Arm Cannon
Potato Cannon
Present Launcher
Pretty Pretty Princess Sceptor
Primeval Crossbow
Psychokinesis Glove
Quantum Entangler
Raig Chair
Rail Runner 5000
Rainbow Laser Blaster
Rapid Fire Snowflakes Shuriken
Rapid Launch Blaster
Razor Sharp Looks
RC Tank
RC Tiny Tank
Red Hyperlaser Gun
Red Panda
Red Rebels Paintball Gun
Red Sparkle Time Claymore
Redcliff Ballista
Redcliff Crossbow
Redrune Raider
Remote Explosive Detonator
Remote Mine
Retro Candy
Retro Shrink Ray
Retro Super Villain Laser Gun
Robot Guard Dog
Rocket Launcher
Roman Catapult
Rubber Chicken Launcher
Rubber Chicken Wand
S-79 Speed Stunter
Sapphire Rapid Fire Shocker
Scepter of Divine Indignation
Scroll of Sevenless
Seagull Friend
Shadowy Ninja Star of the Silent House
Shark Launcher
Sharp Looking Hat the Gear
Sharp Shark Sword
Sheriff Finnster's Seven-Shooter
Sheriff Steve's Six Shooter
Shuriken of the Clan of the Crescent Moon
Silver Crossbow
Silver Ninja Star of the Brilliant Light
Sir Scaresalot
Skipper Seal
Sleep Wand
Snow and Arrow
Snowman Cannon
Sonic Boom Tuba
Spectral Sword of Illusions
Sports Victory Blaster
Spring Crossbow
Spring Launcher
Spring Saber
Squid Launcher
Staff of Celestial Light
Staff of Crimson Chaos Fire
Staff of Double Disasters
Staff of Eggstra Large Eggs
Staff of Neverending Frost
Staff of Shifting Polarity
Staff of Sparks
Staff of Staff
Staff of the Raging Storm
Starfish Shooter
Starfish Shuriken
Static Shock Sheep
Steam Engine
Steampunk Attack Birds
Steampunk Bow
Steampunk Bow and Arrow
Steampunk Steam Gun
Steelshanks Armament
Stinky Skunk
Stinky Underwear Launcher
Stravant's Lightning
Stun Grenade
Super Freeze Cannon
Super Freeze Ray 2011
Super Rocket Launcher
Super Spy Laser Blaster
Super Tone Cape
Super-G LS33 Disruptor
Superhero Potion
Sword of Ancalagon
Sword of the Epicredness
Sword of the Eternal Abyss
Sword of the Lands
Sword of the Seas
Taco Launcher
Tarantula Pet
Telamax xTreme Dual Shoulder Cannons
Telamon's Foe Hammer
Telamonster: the Chaos Edge
The Awe Star
The Drop
The General's .45
The Necrosapien Staff
The Overseer's Bow
The Sea's Revenge
The Tormentor's Axe
Throwing Knife Pen
Tiny Pony Stampede
Tornado Summoner
Torso Cannon
Toxic Goo Trap
Transmorph Ray Gun
Trench Warfare Shotgun
Tri-Laser 333
Trip Wire
Triple Plungers
Trollin' Pumpkin
Trololololo Wand
Turkey Cannon
Ultraviolet Blaster
Ultraviolet Laser Oculus
Unlucky Launcher
Vanishing Ninja Star
War Rocks
Water Balloon
Watermelon Launcher
Winsome Wizard Wand
Wizards of the Astral Isles: Frog
Wizards of the Astral Isles: Rat Plague
Wraith's Screech Potion
XLS Mark II Pulse Laser Pistol
Year of the Dragon Lantern
Year of the Monkey Lantern
Year of the Snake Lantern
Yellow Snowball
Z Ray Gun
Zebra Laser Gun
Zephanon Phaser and Shield
Zeus's Lightning Bolt Staff
Zombie Attack Bunny
Zombie Axe
Zombie Crossbow
Zombie Dog
Zombie Grip Bomb
Zombie Penguin Attack Horde

Looking for an easy way to get Ranged Gear Codes & ID’s for Roblox? We have compiled and put together an awesome list with all the guns, bows and arrows, staffs, magical swords, spells, and more! Press on the buttons to copy the numbers (Button Does NOT work for iOs, but you could still copy the ID’s).

These ranged weapon and gear ID’s and Codes can be used for many popular roblox games that allow you to customize your character and obtain various gears. It should be noted that the ranged gear code list contains many different weapons. Simply pick and choose the ones that you like.

All the gun related gears can be viewed easily on the table. Enjoy and hope you will find the perfect setup for your Roblox men and women.


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