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Roblox gear codes

Roblox gear codes

Search our complete collection of Roblox gear codes, containing every weapon, vehicle, and instrument ID on the market.

Roblox gear codes can be used to redeem everything from weapons, musical instruments, wings, jetpacks, and more, many of which have unique effects within specific Roblox games. Our massive database contains thousands of Roblox gear IDs, and even contains a number of items ripe for the taking.

All Roblox gear IDs

You can search our full database of Roblox catalog IDs for gear and more below.


Gear items take up a unique slot on your Roblox avatar, and you can equip ten at any one time. Each item you equip will be assigned a numbered hotkey, allowing you to activate the gear’s effect with a single keyboard press.

Roblox gear categories

Roblox gear can be divided into a range of categories. So, to make things easier, we’ve created separate pages for the different kinds of gear available on the market, which you can access below:

What is the best gear on Roblox?

There are thousands of Roblox gear codes out there, and we’ve easily spent a few hundred hours poring the options in search of the best Roblox gear IDs for our avatars. Among our favorites, you’ll find the Candy Cane Bow, the Red Rock Star Guitar, the Bloxster STB, and the Bewitching Amphibian.

You can easily find a number of Roblox face IDs, Roblox hair IDs, and Roblox clothing codes to match whatever gear you decide to equip. Just take care with some of the bulkier gear codes, as gear has a small tendency of clipping through thicker Roblox sweaters and jackets.

If you’ve already found your favorite from our complete database of Roblox gears, consider mixing and matching your newfound equipment with some Roblox hair IDs, Roblox shirt IDs, or perhaps a Roblox music ID.