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Roblox social gear IDs May 2024

Roblox social gear IDs May 2024

Thrill the Roblox community by equipping your character with one of our Roblox social gear IDs, and creating a unique avatar.

Unlike the Roblox ranged gear IDs and Roblox melee gear items, Roblox social gear IDs are used to entertain your fellow Robloxians during some much needed downtime between gaming sessions. Many Roblox games even allow you to import the social gear you have stashed in your inventory between rounds, giving you the chance to showcase something quirky or funny at the drop of a hat.

Social gear items fit into the “Gear” slot, and there are hundreds of free Roblox social gear codes to choose from, and a plenty of premium options that need a little Robux to unlock. Our favorite social gear items include the classic 8-Bit Duck Friend, a Hot Chocolate, and the bizarre Zombie Protest Sign.

All Roblox social gear codes

For a full list of social gear items, check out our fully updated social gear database below so you can find your favorite kit. Already found the best social gear? Pair it with an appropriate Roblox hat or Roblox back accessory ID to make your Robloxian stand out from the crowd.


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