The best Roblox characters February 2024

The best Roblox characters February 2024

Discover a huge selection of the best premium and free Roblox characters, with IDs and codes to find them easily!

There are a wide variety of Roblox character IDs and codes you can use to redeem free and premium character bundles. Almost every character on the marketplace really stands out, and can even come with unique animations.

There are hundreds of great Roblox character codes out there, and we’ve easily spent a few hundred hours poring the options in search of the best Roblox character IDs for our avatars. Our candidates for the best Roblox characters are the Junkbot (which is free!), the Steampunk Robot, and the loveable Bee.

With characters consisting of numerous items, you can often mix and match portions of one character with other characters to make your very own unique avatar. A really easy way to make a character yours is to swap out the Roblox head or Roblox face with one that you’re familiar with.

You can search our full database of Roblox characters with just a few keywords, or by browsing our massive Roblox catalog of IDs below.

Best Roblox characters and IDs

If you want to find some free Roblox characters, or just the ones that cost the least Robux, you can sort our massive characters database by clicking on “Show filters +”, change the Sort option to “Price”, and choose “Ascending.” Otherwise, if you’re lucky for some extra goodies, head over to our free Roblox items.

Image of 3.0 Zombie Woman

3.0 Zombie Woman

Image of Action Figure

Action Figure

Image of Agent 53

Agent 53

Image of Agrynoth


Image of Alana of the Stars

Alana of the Stars

Image of Alar Knight of Splintered Skies

Alar Knight of Splintered Skies

Image of Amory the Undead Necromancer

Amory the Undead Necromancer

Image of Arctic Climber

Arctic Climber

Image of Aven the Silver Warrior

Aven the Silver Warrior

Image of Awesomesaurus Rex

Awesomesaurus Rex

Image of Axie


Image of Baby Rainbow Glowing Goober!

Baby Rainbow Glowing Goober!

Image of Backrooms Monster

Backrooms Monster

Image of Base Body - Addison

Base Body - Addison

Image of Base Body - Andi

Base Body - Andi

Image of Base Body - Billie

Base Body - Billie

Image of Base Body - Cameron

Base Body - Cameron

Image of Base Body - Charlie

Base Body - Charlie

Image of Base Body - Dawson

Base Body - Dawson

Image of Base Body - Devin

Base Body - Devin

Image of Base Body - Glenn

Base Body - Glenn

Image of Base Body - Harper

Base Body - Harper

Image of Base Body - Jordan

Base Body - Jordan

Image of Base Body - Kayden

Base Body - Kayden

Image of Base Body - Parker

Base Body - Parker

Image of Base Body - Peyton

Base Body - Peyton

Image of Base Body - Rene

Base Body - Rene

Image of Base Body - Riley

Base Body - Riley

Image of Base Body - Robin

Base Body - Robin

Image of Bat Critter🦇

Bat Critter🦇

Image of Battle Ready Kenji

Battle Ready Kenji

Image of BattleBot 5000

BattleBot 5000

Image of Bazooka Bones

Bazooka Bones

Image of Bear Suit

Bear Suit

Image of Beatrix the Bee Cadet

Beatrix the Bee Cadet

Image of Bee


Image of Billy


Image of Black Skelly

Black Skelly

Image of Blazeburner


Image of Blocky Girl

Blocky Girl

Image of Blocky Girl (V2)

Blocky Girl (V2)

Image of Blocky LNX - Lil Nas X

Blocky LNX - Lil Nas X

Image of Blocky Mech

Blocky Mech

Image of Bludroid: Ev1LR0b0t

Bludroid: Ev1LR0b0t

Image of Blue Collar Cat

Blue Collar Cat

Image of Bluesteel Bundle

Bluesteel Bundle

Image of Blush Fashion Doll

Blush Fashion Doll

Image of Bombo


Image of Borock the Conqueror

Borock the Conqueror

Image of Bounty Hunter D-17

Bounty Hunter D-17

Image of Bright-Eyed Agent [2D]

Bright-Eyed Agent [2D]

Image of Bright-Eyed friend

Bright-Eyed friend

Image of Bubba Doll

Bubba Doll

Image of Bull Demon King

Bull Demon King

Image of Capybara


Image of Casey


Image of Cat


Image of Cat Mech

Cat Mech

Image of Chef Tortrdee

Chef Tortrdee

Image of Chester Finkleton

Chester Finkleton

Image of Chibi Doll Girl

Chibi Doll Girl

Image of Chibi Doll Girl

Chibi Doll Girl

Image of Chibi Doll Girl (V2)

Chibi Doll Girl (V2)

Image of Chibi Doll Girl (V2)

Chibi Doll Girl (V2)

Image of Chivalrous Knight of the Silver Kingdom

Chivalrous Knight of the Silver Kingdom

Image of Chunky Bug [Recolorable]

Chunky Bug [Recolorable]

Image of Cindy


Image of Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breaker

Image of City Life Woman

City Life Woman

Image of Claire


Image of Clawed Companion

Clawed Companion

Image of CoolKid McAwesome

CoolKid McAwesome

Image of Cow


Image of Crazy Clown

Crazy Clown

Image of Creature From the Blox Lagoon

Creature From the Blox Lagoon

Image of Crimson Claw: The Vengeful

Crimson Claw: The Vengeful

Image of Cyborg Shogun

Cyborg Shogun

Image of Cyclock


Image of Dancing banana

Dancing banana

Image of Dark Avenger

Dark Avenger

Image of Darkage Master

Darkage Master

Image of Darkest Assassin

Darkest Assassin

Image of Davy Bazooka

Davy Bazooka

Image of Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer

Image of Dennis


Image of Denny


Image of Digital Artist

Digital Artist

Image of DJ Databaze

DJ Databaze

Image of DJ E-Mosion

DJ E-Mosion

Image of Dog


Image of Doll


Image of Doll Plushie

Doll Plushie

Image of Dolly Chibi

Dolly Chibi

Image of Dolly Chibi v2

Dolly Chibi v2

Image of Dr. Fia Tyfoid

Dr. Fia Tyfoid

Image of Druid of the Owl

Druid of the Owl

Image of Elemental Crystal Golem

Elemental Crystal Golem

Image of Elemental Stone Golem

Elemental Stone Golem

Image of Elf Assassin

Elf Assassin

Image of Ellie


Image of Erisyphia


Image of Fancy Mr. Fox

Fancy Mr. Fox

Image of Flame Guard General

Flame Guard General

Image of Football Player

Football Player

Image of Frost Guard General

Frost Guard General

Image of Furious Finn

Furious Finn

Image of Galloping Gecko

Galloping Gecko

Image of Gang O' Fries

Gang O' Fries

Image of Gearmo and Blast Mech

Gearmo and Blast Mech

Image of Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread Man

Image of Golden Suit of Bling Squared

Golden Suit of Bling Squared

Image of Gothic Gargoyle

Gothic Gargoyle

Image of Grave Digger

Grave Digger

Image of Gryphon


Image of Guardian Lion

Guardian Lion

Image of Gunslinger


Image of Gwen

Gwen "Axe Angel" Rosewood

Image of Hamster


Image of HOLIDAY LNX - Lil Nas X


Image of Horse Face & Fallon

Horse Face & Fallon