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Website terms for children

This page tells you how our Roblox ID website works. It is a simple version for children.

Please ask a parent or guardian to read this.

To read the full versions of how our website works please go to these links: Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Cookies Policy. These contain all the rules of our website that you and your parent or guardian need to agree with so that you can use our Roblox ID website.

What is privacy on a website?

When you visit a website your computer, tablet, or phone will send information to our computers and the computers of companies we work with.

When we talk about privacy, we are talking about this information, how we use it, and how you can control it. Some of this information is stored in code called cookies.

What information do you collect? How do you use it?

Your computer can tell us which country you are from. It can also tell us the town or city you are in but it does not tell us where you live.

It can tell us what device you are using to visit our website. This would be what type of phone you are using, or whether you are using a desktop PC or laptop. We use this information to understand where people are reading our website from, which articles they are reading, and how they are accessing the site.

The information we collect can tell our advertisers if you have seen their adverts on our website or other websites. It can tell if you have clicked on an advert. It is used by our advertisers to show you adverts for your country. It can also be used to collect information about what websites you have looked at. It does this to understand what you are interested in so that it can show you adverts relevant to your interests.

How do I control my information?

When you visit our website for the first time you may see a pop-up. A pop-up is a small web page within our main web page. It has the title “We value your privacy”. You can use this pop-up to control the cookies on our website. A cookie is code that stores information. These cookies are used for storing your information.

To control your information you may need a grown-up to help. You will need to click or tap the buttons in the pop-up that switch off the information that is stored in cookies.

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