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Roblox waist accessory IDs June 2024

Roblox waist accessory IDs June 2024

Personalize your character using our vast range of Roblox waist accessory codes, including free waist accessory IDs, and more.

Your Roblox character has a “Waist” slot in which you can equip a number of Roblox waist accessory IDs and items such as belts, weapons, tails, and more.

There are a mountain of customization options on offer, so take your time exploring our Roblox waist accessories IDs before you settle on the one which is perfect fit for your Robloxian. We’re big fans of the Donut Floatie and the Pink Fox Tail, but feel free to disagree, and tell us what your favorite waist accessory is on Twitter.

All Roblox waist accessory codes

If you want to find some free Roblox waist accessories, or just the ones that cost the least Robux, you can sort our massive belts and accessories database by clicking on “Show filters +”, change the Sort option to “Price”, and choose “Ascending.” Otherwise, head over to our free Roblox items page for some freebies.


You can find your favorite waist accessory in the massive list above, and you can then mix and match it with some Roblox shoulder accessory IDs and an appropriate Roblox hat to make your character stand out from the crowd.