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Roblox explosive gear codes June 2024

Roblox explosive gear codes June 2024

Blow up the competition with our searchable database of Roblox explosive gear, with hundreds of free codes, and catalog IDs.

Roblox explosive gear codes grant you access to a range of destructive Roblox gear items, including C4 bombs, mines, and missile launchers.

Numerous Roblox games allow you to use Roblox explosive gear IDs in-game, and gain numerous powerful effects. However, you’ll find that many Roblox games don’t allow this, and so most explosive gear items are best used as a cosmetic item for your character.

All Roblox explosive gear codes

Whether you’re looking to equip yourself with grenades, or something more outlandish like the Flaming Hedgehog Cannon, our fully updated Roblox explosive gear codes list has you covered.


Simply search our database for all the Roblox bombs, fireworks, catapults, and more you could ever need. Once done, consider pairing your explosive gear with some Roblox melee weapon IDs, and Roblox ranged gear codes.