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RoCitizens Codes

Our RoCitizens codes wiki is home to all of the latest RoCitizens codes, regularly checked and updated by a team of experts.

RoCitizens Codes

RoCitizens is a Roblox experience which starts you off as a low earner, but has you slowly build up to the top, and eventually buy and furnish your very own house. However, you don’t have to start out without cash. You can use the free RoCitizens codes below for some free starting cash, and a couple of pets, which the game’s developer, Firebrand1, frequently releases.

New RoCitizens codes

  • scrapshop – 500 scrap 
  • koob – 85 cash
  • partytime – 1k cash
  • goodneighbor – 2.5k cash and trophy
  • SweetTweets – 2.5k cash and Twitter trophy
  • truefriend – 4k cash and Pet Rock
  • discordance – 3.5k cash and Discord Trophy
  • rosebud – 3k cash
  • easteregg – 1,337 cash
  • code – 10 cash
  • partypooper – Bathroom Boutiques Toilet Plunger