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Stravant’s Lightning

Discover how to equip the Roblox Stravant’s Lightning item and personalize your character’s look with our huge catalog of unique Roblox gear IDs.

Stravant’s Lightning
Item Code
Gear Types Ranged Gear
Price 625
Creator Roblox
Number of Favorites 28351

The Stravant’s Lightning Roblox gear is one of the many Ranged Gear items you can equip into the Gear slot of your character, and it can be obtained easily with our Roblox gear IDs. To get the Stravant’s Lightning and potentially use it in one of many Roblox games, use the following code:

Stravant’s Lightning code: 169669671

Mix and match the Stravant’s Lightning with our other Roblox codes to create a truly unique avatar that everyone will recognize.

Once you’ve used the Stravant’s Lightning code, simply head over to the Avatar customization section of your profile to equip it.

Stravant’s Lightning description

The Stravant’s Lightning item has the following description on the marketplace:

Run like the wind and shoot deadly lightning beams at people. We’re always having to tell him no lightning in the office…

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