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All Roblox shoe IDs and codes June 2024

All Roblox shoe IDs and codes June 2024

Browse a huge selection of Roblox shoe IDs in our fully updated database of Roblox boots, heels, slippers, and more.

With our complete list of Roblox shoe IDs for June 2024, you can equip your avatar with a cobbler’s hoard of boots, slippers, and more in a huge range of colors and combinations. There are hundreds of options to choose from, so take your time in perusing the vast wardrobe of Roblox shoes, many of which are totally free.

Shoe items slot into the Shoe slot of your character (unsurprisingly), so feel free to combine them with some Roblox pants codes, Roblox dress IDs, or some Roblox jacket IDs.

All Roblox shoe IDs

If you know what you’re looking for, you can use the search function on our database to find the best Roblox shoes on the marketplace, and find out if a small sacrifice of Robux is required or not. Otherwise, you can easily browse every Roblox shoe option available on the Roblox store below.


What are the best Roblox shoes?

The best options on the market are, in our opinion, the Cozy Bear Slippers, Black High Boots, and the adorable in-between of both with thePenguin Slippers Winter boots. While they might not be the cheapest shoe options on Roblox, our favorite picks put a smile on our faces whenever we see them.

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