Face Accessory NameIDGlasses
2014 Shades
8 Bit Snowboard Goggles
80s Checkerboard Shutter Shades
8-Bit Snakeyes
A Dark Omen
Adurite Shutter Shades
Aloha Shades
American Flag Sunglasses
American Star
Amethyst Vision Visor
Ancient Wizard Beard
Andrew's Beard
Angel Eyes
Angry Ancient
Angry Eyes
Apeeling Shades
Batty Shades
Bear Paw Glasses
Beard of Flowers
Bewitching Crown
Bike Glasses
Bizarre Sparkle Shades
Black and White Mystery Mask
Black Paintball Mask
Blackvalk Shades
Blazing Summer Shades
Bling Shades
Bloxxadore Domino Mask
Blue Blazes Shades
Blue Dirt Bike Goggles
Blue Frames
Blue Justice
Blue Mardi Gras Mask
Blue Paintball Mask
Blue Snorkel
Blue Swag Shades
Bluesteel Shutter Shades
Bombastic Shutter Shades
Breakfast Shades
Bret MacLann Ninja FBI
Brighteyed Steampunk
Brighteyes' Summer Vacation Leftovers
Brilliant Snowboard Goggles
Broken Teal Bow Glasses
Brontosaurus Shades
Busted Shades
Butterfly Sunglasses
Camo Glasses
Camo Goggles
Canada Glasses
Captain Greenshanks the Lucky
Catcher's Mask
Chicken Fried Sunglasses
Chrome Glasses
Citrine Vision Visor
Classicx89's Stylin' Intern Shades
Clockwork's Shades
Colonel Willoughby
Computerized Sniper Goggles
Cool Kid Goggles
Crazed Turkey Disguise
Crazy Glasses
Crazy Professor Glasses
Crazyvision Goggles
Crescent Moon Shades
Crimson Bandito
Crimson Shades
Crimson Thug Shades
Cursed Mask of Quetzalcoatl
Cursed Specs
Cyber Stealth Goggles
Daring Blonde Beard
Dark Camo Paintball Mask
Dark Lord
Deluxe Bandit Mask
Desert Airbreather
Desert World Bandit
Digivision 8000
Disguised Superhero
DJ Sunglasses
Dr. Love
Dr. Shamrock
Dragon Master Masque
Drifter Shades
Dust Mask
Earth Rocks Shades
Earth Shades
Eggcellent Shades
Elegant Party Mask
Elf Goggles
Elite Spy Eye
Enchanted Dragon Shades
Endless Summer Shades
Epic Sunglasses
Extraterrestrial Sunglasses
Eye Poppers
Eye Snake Shades
Eyefly: Neon Green Shutter Shades
Face Guard of the Fallen
Fancy Goggles
Fire Breather
Fire Flash Shades
Firestarter Sunshades
Flame Vision Goggles
Flaming Inferno Shades
Fried Egg Eye Patch
Frost Vision Goggles
Fruit Salad Shades
Funny Disguise
Future Vision 2090
Futureland Shades
Futurevision Eye Patch
Futurevision Green Gaze
Gaze of Socom1880
Gear Eyes Shades
Gearloose Goggles
Generic Superhero Mask
Ghost Mask
Giant Aviators
Gold Chain Sunglasses
Gold Cut Out Shades
Gold Mardi Gras Mask
Gold Visor
Golden Aviators
Golden Chrome Shades
Golden Crescent Moon Shades
Golden Paintball Mask
Golden Specttofocals
Golden Spiky Bionic Eye Patch
Good Time Glasses
Grapefruit Shades
Green Crazy Fuzzy Neon Goggles
Green Flash Shades
Green Thick Rimmed Glasses
Grim-Horned Mask of Tomorrow
Gross Goggles
Guitar Glasses
Hacknet Shades
Halloween Bat Shades
Hazardous Eyepatch
Hazardous Waste Goggles
Heart Shutter Shades
Heartbreaker Shades
Heat Vision Goggles
Heat Vision Visor
Hidden Star
Hipster Glasses
Hockey Mask
Horn Rimmed Glasses
Hypercooled Aquavision Goggles
Inventor Goggles
Inventor's Goggles
Ivory Face Guard
Jack O'Bandit
John's Glasses
King of the Sea Folk
Knights of the Splintered Skies
Labor Day 2009 Gear Goggles
Ladybug Shades
Laser Eye Patch
Laser Spec Ops Goggles
Leather Eyepatch
Leopard Shades
Lime Shades
Lucky Shades
Mad Bro
Magnaspectro Inspectors
Mardi Gras Party Mask
Mardi Skull Mask
Masque des Fleurs
Masque du Farceur
Masque du Grand Nez
Masquerade King
Mean Green Bandana
Microscope Vision
Midnight Jester Mask
Midnight Rider Shades
Midnight Shades
Mighty Mask of Zeus
Military Periscope Goggles
Mischievous Raccoon
Miss Monday Mask
Molten Core Fire Mask
Morning Shades
Mouse Nose
Muddy Mask
Navy Shutter Shades
Ne'er Do Well
Neon 80s Shades
Neon Chrome Glasses
Neon Green Shuttershades
Neon Orange Star Shutter Shades
Neon Party Glasses
Neon Party Mask
Neon Pink Pirate Patch
Neon Pink Shuttershades
Neon Punk Goggles
Nerd Glasses
Nice Red Bandana
Night Shades
Night Vision Goggles
Nightvision Holoscope
Not-So-Secret Agent Glasses
Nullification Cyborg Goggles
Optiscope 650
Orange Goggles
Orange Shades
Orange Snorkel
Oversized Glasses
Oversized Shutter Shades
Owl Mask
Palm Tree Sunglasses
Pancake Face
Panspectrum Digital Noobfinders
Paper Plate Bunny
Paranoia Attack
Patriot Vision
Peace Sign Glasses
Peach Thug Shades
Peacock Style Shades
Peppermint Perspective
Phantom of the Opera
Phase 2 Face Guard
Piano Shades
Pirate Luv
Pirate Vision
Pop Shades
Powerface: Extreme Fire
Princess Sunglasses
Profit Vision Goggles
Purple Crazy Glasses
Rabbit Vision Glasses
Raeglyn's Winged Blindfold of Justice
Rainbow Shades
Rainbow Sunglasses
Rainbow Vision Shutter Shades
Real Flaming Hot Stunnas
Real Ice Cold Stunnas
Reconnaissance Goggles
Recycled Cardboard Shades
Red Bandana of SQL Injection
Red Braided Beard
Red Mardi Gras Mask
Red Paintball Mask
Renegade Bandana
Restless Souls Bandana
Retro 3D Glasses
Retro Pattern Shades
Ridiculous Disguise
Rising Sun Noh Mask
Roadtrippin' Shades
ROBLOX University Sunglasses
Robo Shades
Rose Colored Glasses
Ruby Shades
Ruby Spectofocals
Rusty Silver Paintball Mask
Sapphire Vision Visor
Scientific Headgear
Secret Agent Shades
Secret Kid Wizard Glasses
Seein' Stars Stripes
Seeing Red Shutter Shades
Shady Shades
Shamrock Shades
Shutter Shades
Silicon Valley Shades
Silver Aviators
Silver Cyborg Face Gear
Skull Bandit
Sleek Sunglasses
Sleeping Mask
Slinky Eyes
Snake Eyes
Snow Beard
Snowflake Shuttershades
Snowman Disguise
Space Debris Mouth Guard
Spiky Bionic Eye Patch
Sports Shades
Spring Bloom Shades
Squidcod's Squid Beard
Star Face
Star Shutter Shades
Starlight Shades
Starry Eyed Shades
Steam of Columbia
Steampunk Monocle
Steampunk Scientist
Steampunk Shades
Steampunk Sniper
Steel Shutter Goggles
Steel Surveillance Goggles
Stone Age Shades
Stunna Shades
Stylin' Red Shades
Stylin' Shades
Stylish Aviators
Stylish Square Shades
Subzero Ski Specs
Sugar Egg Glasses
Summer Shades
Supa Fly Goggles
Super HypnoGoggles
Super Scuba
Surgeon's Mask
Target Vision
Tasteless Shades
Terraforming BioMask
The Blind Seer
The Dread Visage of xMaximusx
The Hippest Hipster
The Party
Thick Rimmed Glasses 3
Thug Bandana
Toucan Beak
Tracer Shades
Treasure Patch
Trex Shades
Tribal Mask
Trinight Vision
True Vision Night Goggles
Vampire Sunglasses
Virtual Commando
Visage of Mordo
Visage of Rao
Vision Française
Wanwood Round Shades
Water Polo Fan Shades
Weekend Warrior
Welding Mask
Winged Shades of Aqua
Xenotargeting Oculus
Xenotargeting Oculus Beta
Yellow Safetly Goggles
Zebra Mask
Zebra Shades
Zebra Shades 2

Looking for an easy way to get Accessories for Face Codes & ID’s for Roblox? We have compiled and put together an awesome list with all the facial wears including glasses, disguises, masks, and beards. Press on the buttons to copy the numbers (Button Does NOT work for iOs, but you could still copy the ID’s).

These designer facial ID’s and Codes can be used for many popular roblox games that allow you to customize your character. It should be noted that the face accessories code list contains both girl and boy back wings or armors. Simply pick and choose the ones that you like.

All the face related accessories can be viewed easily on the table. Enjoy and hope you will find the perfect setup for your Roblox men and women.


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