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All Roblox face accessory IDs and codes April 2024

All Roblox face accessory IDs and codes April 2024

Explore our full list of Roblox face accessory IDs and codes for an additional layer of avatar customization, and some face accessories are free!

Once you have your Roblox face sorted, you can customize your avatar further with some Roblox face accessories. There is a huge selection of face accessories with everything from bandanas, to glasses, masks, and even facial hair that you can get for free or for a small offering of Robux.

Having spent far too long trying on the numerous face accessories on offer ourselves, we’ve collected the best Roblox face accessories into our frequently updated list of Roblox face accessory IDs. Our favorite face accessories are the Red Rimless Glasses which have a very Alucard from the Hellsing anime series feeling, and the Walrus Mustache.

All Roblox face accessory IDs

Use our databases’ search function to find any specific face accessory IDs you’re looking for. Otherwise, feel free to browse for the greatest face accessories on all of Roblox, and check back frequently for all the latest and best items for your Roblox character.


Mix and match your quirky choice of face accessories with an awesome Roblox hat, Roblox hair ID, or Roblox neck accessory. There are a huge number of options and combinations to choose from, so take your time in the Roblox character editor before you decide which style fits your avatar the best.