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Arsenal Codes

Our Arsenal codes wiki is home to all of the latest Arsenal codes, regularly checked and updated by a team of experts.

Arsenal Codes

Arsenal is a massive free-for-all battle-royale which lets you customize your avatar with a variety of weapons using the game’s premium currency: BattleBucks. You can earn BattleBucks just by playing the game, or using a few codes. The game’s developer, ROLVe, frequently releases new Arsenal codes, all of which you can find below.

Free Arsenal codes

  • TRGTBOARD – 1,200 b$.
  • EZ-G4M3 – hoverboard taunt
  • EPRIKA – Eprika announcer 
  • GARCELLO – Garcello skin and kill effect 
  • ROLVE – Rabblerouser skin 
  • POKE – Poke skin 
  • Bandites – Bandites announcer 
  • fate – teleport to fate
  • goodnight – teleport to snowy bridge