Hair NameIDHairstyle
80S Superstar Hair
8-Bit Action Ponytail
A Real Rockin' Rolla
All Hallow's Hair
America's Sweetheart
Animazing Hair
Animazing Space Hair
Aqua Dream Hair
Astral Isles Warrior Hair
Auburn Hair
Auburn Hair of Princeton
Auburn Hair with Leopard Headband
Auburn Messy Bun
Auburn Scene Hair
Auburn Spikes
Auburn Winner
Autumn Leafy Hair
Bacon n' Eggs Hair
Beautiful Blond Hair for Beautiful People
Beautiful Brown Hair for Beautiful People
Beautiful Green Hair for Beautiful People
Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People
Beautiful Hair for Purple People
Beautiful Orange Hair for Beautiful People
Beautiful Red Hair for Beautiful People
Bed Hair
Big Crazy Blue Hair
Big Style Brown Hair
Black and Blue 'do
Black and Pink Drama Hair
Black and Red
Black Anime Girl Hair
Black Bob
Black Faux Hawk
Black Indie Hair
Black Manga Hero Hair
Black Messy Bun
Black Mullet
Black Pigtails
Black Ponytail
Black Ponytail 2
Black Ponytail 3
Black Ponytail 3.0
Black Surfer Hair with Green Highlight
Black Swoosh Hair
Blond Anime Superstar
Blond Charmer
Blond Dreamy Hair
Blond Manga Hero
Blond Pigtails
Blond Pompadour
Blond Roblohunk
Blond Spiked Hair
Blond Winner
Blonde Action Ponytail
Blonde Bloke
Blonde Bob
Blonde Bob 2
Blonde Flattop
Blonde Flower Princess Hair
Blonde Hair with Stars and Stripes Flair
Blonde Messy Bun
Blonde Pigtails with Pink Ties
Blonde Suave
Blonde Surfer Hair
Blue Anime Girl Hair
Blue Awesome Hair
Blue Charmer
Blue Hair with Red Headband
Blue Haired Ninja of the Silver Fortress
Blue Manga Hero Hair
Blue Scene Hair
Blue Swoosh Hair
Blue Thunder Hair
Blue Troll Hair
Bluesteel Swoosh Hair
Bozo the Clown
Bride of Frankenstein Hair
BrightEyes Fabulous Hair
Brilliant Bombastique
Brilliant Mohawk
Brilliant Pink Pigtails
Brooding Black Hair
Brother Golden Hair
Brown Anime Super Star
Brown Charmer Hair
Brown Hair Dude
Brown Scene Hair
Brunette Pigtails
Brunette Shocked Hair
Bunny Headband with Purple Hair
Burning Otaku, the Firesouled
Candy Apple Hair
Cardboard Mohawk
Cavegirl Hair
Charming Brown-haired Fellow
Chestnut Bob
Chestnut Destiny
Chestnut Spikes
Chestnut Style
Cinnamon Hair
Claw Brawler
Cool Blue Girl Hair
Cool Disco Guy
Cool Guy Hair
Cool Scientist
Coolest Founding Father
Coolest Guy In the Room
Cotton Candy Hair
Crazy Game Dev Hair
Crazy Green Clown Hair
Crimson Anime Super Star
Crimson Bed Head Hair
Crimson Shaggy
Crimson Shaggy 2.0
Curly Redhair with Green Bows
Cyan Equinox
Cyan Hair with Giant Red Bow
Cyanime Super Star
Dangerous Dude
Dapper Dan
Dapper Don
Dark Blue Light Hair
Dark Galaxy Boy Hair
DiscoSized Hair
Double Ponytail
Dreamy Black Hair
Earth Fro
Elven Duchess
Elvis Hair
Emeline the Great
Epic Auburn Hair
Extreme Brown Hair
Extreme Pink Hair
Extreme Split Braid
FaBLUElous hair
Fabulous Hair
Fairy Tale Princess Braid
Festive Chestnut Hair
Fiery Princess Hair
Flaming Mohawk
Flower Crowned Red Locks
Forum Troll
Foxy McNinetails
Frobow the Sad Clown
Frozen Gentleman Hair
Fuchsia Fantastique
Geisha Hair
Gentleman Patriot
Glorious Pink Party Queen
Glorious Purple Party Queen
Golden Anime Girl Hair
Golden Hair
Golden Holiday Hair
Goth Mohawk
Great Hair Day
Green Elf Hair
Green Hair with Oversized Bow
Green Mad Scientist Hair
Green Swoosh and Headphones
Groovy Girl
Hacker Hair
Hair of the Future
Holiday Punk
Holly Hair
Honey Blonde Ponytail
Hot Pink Pig Tails
Ice Crown with Blond Hair
Ice Princess Ceremonial Horns
Jet Black Anime Superstar
Jet Black Bob with Bow
Jet Black Pigtails
Jet Black Ponytail with Red Hairband
Johnny Brown Hair
Katrina Scarlett Hair
Kung Fu Kid
Kung Fu Soldier
Lady of the Meadows
Lady of the Sea Hair
Laser Beam Mohawk
Lava Hair
Lavender Elf Princess
Lavender Updo
Leader of the Lost Boys Hair
Leafy Hair
Lime Green Shaggy
Lolzard Mohawk
Long Black Hair
Long Braid
Long Brown Hair
Long Dark Hair with Skeleton Hand Hair
Long Hair
Long Pastel Hair
Lost Boy of Summer Hair
Lotus Knight
Lovely Blonde Locks
Lovely Chestnut Locks
Mad Scientist Hair
Mad Scientist Hair 2
Mahogany Suave
Man Bun Hair
Messy Amber Bun
Messy Hair
Midday Neon Mohawk
Midnight Blue Shaggy
Midnight Flash Anime Hair
Midnight Mohawk
Mint Flower Princess Hair
Mint Ice Cream Hair
Miss Auburn Hair
Modern Pompadour
Mohawk with Shaved Sides
Monochrome Library Hair
Native Braids
Navy Hero Space Hair
Neon Green Awesome Hair
Neon Green Beautiful Hair
Neon Green Equinox
Neon Green Party Mohawk
Neon Mad Scientist Hair
Neon Orange Charmer
Neon Pink Shaggy
Neon Pink Trihawk
Neon Purple Crazy Crown
Neon Trihawk
Neon Wild Crazy Hair
Nerd Hair
Ninja with the Cool Blond Hair
No Longer Xtreme Rainbow Hair
Normal Boy Hair
Omega Rainbow Equinox
Omnifire Aerojet Anime Hair
Orange Shaggy
Orange Sherbet Hair
Orinthian Lady
Ostentatious Neon Mohawk
Ostentatious Neon Tigerhawk
Painter's Hair
Pal Hair
Pastel Hair
Pastel Rainbow Shaggy
Pink Animazing Hair
Pink Bob
Pink Flower Princess Hair
Pink Hair with Giant Cyan Bow
Pink Pigtails
Pointy Boy Hair
Politician Hair
Purple Action Ponytail
Purple Awesome Hair
Purple Shaggy
Queen of the North
Quill Coif
Quite Reasonable Scientist Hair
Radical Split Braid
Rainbow Club Kid Hair
Rainbow Equinox
Rainbow Lost Boy
Rainbow Shaggy
Raven Hair with Skull Barrette
Ravenhaired Charmer
Real Rockin' Roller
Reasonable Writer Hair
Red Awesome Hair
Red Cartoon Hair
Red Charmer
Red Curly Pigtails
Red Haired Ninja of the Golden Castle
Red Liberty Spikes
Red Suave
Red Surfer Hair
Red Swoosh with Headphones
Red, White, and Fabulous!
Red, White, and Shaggy
Retro Pigtails and Glasses
Roblohunk Hair
Rock 'n Hair
Rock Star with Side Swept Bangs
Rockstar Hair and Glasses
Ronald McNinja
Samurai Hair
Sassy Headband
Scarf 'Do
Semi-Rebellious Youth
Shaggy 2.0
Shimmering Ultraflash Anime Hair
Shiny Hair
Shoulder Length Blonde Hair
Sir Golden Locks
Slick Attorney
Space Kinsei
Spooky Hair with Ghost Clips
Spring Flowers Hair
Spring Hair with Green Bow
Spring Leafy Hair
Squirrel Girl
Star Princess Hair
Stardust Hair
Starshine Sparkle Warrior
Stickmasterluke's Peanut Butter
Straight Blond Hair
Strawberry Ice Cream Hair
Styled Aqua Hair
Stylish Brown Hair
Stylish Purple Hair
Suave Sam
Surf Mohawk
Sweet Mullet
Taco Mohawk
Tarabyte's Long Braid
Teal Action Ponytail
Telamon Hair
The Two Faced King
Trecky Hair
True Blue Hair
True Earth Tremor Anime Hair
Universe Girl Hair
Vampire Girl Hair
Vengeful Geisha
Violet Equinox
Wild and Crazy Hair
Wild Party Cat
Wild Violet Anime Hair
Xtreme Monochrome Hair
Xtreme Rainbow Hair
Ye Olde Powdered Whig

Looking for an easy way to get Hair ID’s for Roblox? We have compiled and put together an easy list. Press on the buttons to copy the numbers (Button Does NOT work for iOs, but you could still copy the ID’s).

These ID’s and Codes can be used for popular roblox games like Salon or RHS. It should be noted that the hair id list contains both girl and boy hairs code.

All the hair styles can be viewed easily on the table. Enjoy and hope you will find the perfect look for your Roblox boys and girls.


Roblox Hair ID — 22 Comments

  1. This is really useful. For games such as Roblox high school. Or Maybe you would like to wear two hairs on top of each other. Thank you so much. 😀

  2. Really nice for iPads. Some of them need updating or there just not working. True blue. Beautiful hair for beautiful people-blonde and red. And you should also have a-z sorting or you can just look it up. Other than that very good.

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