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All Roblox hair codes May 2024

All Roblox hair codes May 2024

Complete list of Roblox hair IDs with thousands of hair codes for boys and girls. Find your free and popular Roblox hair quickly and easily.

Need a new hairstyle? With our Roblox hair codes, you can equip your avatar with a plethora of Roblox haircuts, wigs, and more. There are literally thousands of Roblox hairstyles to choose from in our list of Roblox hair IDs, and you can learn more about our codes in our Roblox hair FAQ.

All Roblox hair codes

If you’re looking for some free Roblox hair IDs, or if you just want to know what’s popular right now, you can use our massive database’s filters below.


Roblox hair FAQ

What are Roblox hair codes?

A Roblox hair code is a page number in the Roblox catalog for a specific hair item. Each hair code (also known as a catalog ID) can be used to instantly find a particular Roblox hairpiece on the Roblox marketplace, thereby allowing you to redeem items for free or with some Robux. Once redeemed or purchased, you can equip hair items into your character’s “Hair” slot.

Just be warned: some hair items can clip through a number of Roblox hats, so you might want to try on multiple Roblox hair items before purchasing anything. Once you’ve found the right hair for your avatar, pair it up with some Roblox face accessory IDs and a Roblox face ID to round out your character.

How do you get free hair on Roblox?

Great question! While numerous hairstyles cost Robux, you’ll find every free Roblox hair code in our database. All you need to do is use our databases’ search filters to find free codes which you can redeem on the marketplace. If you know what hair code you’re looking for, you can use the search function on our database to find the best Roblox hair options.

What’s your favorite Roblox hairstyle? A couple of our favorite hair items are the Strawberry Ice Cream Hair, and the Blue Haired Ninja of the Silver Fortress.

What is the default hair in Roblox?

The default Roblox hair item you will get on creating a Roblox account is the Pal Hair accessory. This accessory, affectionately known as “Bacon Hair” to the community because of the bacon-strip-like construction of the strands of hair, has been free ever since June 24, 2014.