Melee Gear
8-Bit Sword
Adurite Katana
Advanced Exploding Lab Table
All Hallow's Sword
All-Seeing Golem's Hammer
Amethyst Periastron Kappa
An Elegant Blade
Arabian Knight Scimitar
Arctic Fox Tail
Attrition Blade
Axe of Blinding Justice
Axe of the Divine Flame
Azure Dragon's Magic Slayer
Azure Periastron Alpha
Bamboo Katana
Bat Knight Bat Sword
Bat Scythe
Battle Axe
Beach Battle Sword
Bear Arm
Beast Claws
Big Bug Net
Big Stick
Black and White Sword
Bladed Ninja Claw
Bladed Tutu
Blizzard Striker
Blue Katana of One Thousand Tears
Bluesteel Alterer of Destiny
Bluesteel Claw
Bluesteel Katana
Bluster Buster
Bo Staff
Board With a Nail in It
Bombastic Katana
Bombastic Sword
Bombo's Survival Knife
BoStaff 7000
Brighteyes's Sparkling Shillelagh
Bronze Kopesh
Builderman's Hammer of 
Bunny Ninja Master Sai
Camping Machete
Cavalry Sabre
Champion Egg Beater Sword
Chaos Master's Wing Slasher
Chartreuse Periastron Gamma
Checkerboard Sword
Chief Guardsman Spear
Chiefjustus Gavel
Christmas Tree Sword
Cloak of the Undying
Colonel's Cavalry Sabre
Colossal Blade
Crescendo, The Soul Stealer
Crimson Double Threat
Crimson Katana of the Unsetting Sun
Crimson Periastron Mu
Crimsonwrath: The Red Wrath
Cupid's Beloved Blade
Dagger of Shattered Dimensions
Danger Dagger
Danger Mace
Dark Falchion
Dark Spellbook of the Forgotten
DarkAge Bo Staff
DarkAge Naginata
DarkAge Ninjas: Combat Potion
DarkAge Ninjas: Dual Kamas
DarkAge Nunchuks
Darkest Arts Sword
Darksteel Katana of Ancient Illuminators
Deadly Thorn Potion
Deluxe Pirate Hook
Diamond Blade Sword
Double Bladed Hand Axe
Double Sword Punch
Double-Bladed Scythe
Dragon Slayers Sword and Shield
Dragonheart Sword & Shield
Dragon's Blaze Sword
Dragon's Flame Sword
Dreamwalker's Dagger
Dual Bacon Daggers
Dual Darkhearts
Dual Illumina
Dual Katanas of the DarkAge Clan
Dual Monster Axes
Dual Spec Gamma Biograft Energy
Dual Venomshanks
Dual Wield Ninja Scythes
Dynamically Lit Sword
EKoSS Sword and Shield
Elegant Blade
Elven Blade of Glory
Epic Flail
Epic Golden Sword and Shield
Fairy Axe
Fake Chartreuse Periastron Gamma
Fallen Artemis Sword & Shield
Fang Of Anansi
Farmer's Revenge
Faux Firebrand
Fencing Foil
Fermion Blade
Festive Periastron Chi
Flaming Dragon Slayer Bo Staff
Flaming Halberd
Flaming Mace
Frozen Flail
Frying Pan
Galactic Forcefield Glove
Garbage Can Shield and Wooden Sword
Gearworks Sword
Ghostfire Dagger
Ghostfire Sword
Giant Ape Arms
Giant Blade
Giant Dinosaur Feet
Gigantic Crossbow
Gold Eagle Sword
Golden Katana of Destiny
Golden Katana of the Unflinching Dawn
Golden Steampunk Gloves
Golden Sword of Spring Growth
Green Laser Scythe
Grim Axe
Grimgold Periastron Beta
Guitar Sword
Harbinger of Fimbulwinter
Hockey Stick
Homemade Sword and Shield
Ice Axe
Ice Breaker
Ice Dragon Slayer
Illuminating Spear of Revengeance
Intergalactic Sword
Iris Katana of Goldengrove
Ivory Periastron
Jade Katana of the Darkest Forest
Joyful Periastron Epsilon
Judge Underwood's Gavel
Katana of Destiny
Katana of the Golden Snake
Knight's Elder Blade
Knights of Redcliff: Battle Axe
Knights of Redcliff: Deluxe Sword and
Knights of Redcliff: Morning Star
Knights of Redcliff: Sword and Shield
Knights of the Seventh Sanctum
Knights of the Seventh Sanctum 2
Knights of the Splintered Skies
Knights of the Splintered Skies 2
Knights of the Splintered Skies 3
Knight's Sword
Korblox - Fallen's Spine Blade
Korblox Bone Mace
Korblox Ice Claws
Korblox Sword and Shield
Korblox: Berserker's Claymore
Korblox: DeathSpeaker's
Korblox: Spiked Arm Bracer
Linked Sword
Mad Morning Star
Mad Murderer Knife
Magic Carrot
Magmarealm Spear
Mardi Gras Sword
Meerkat Horde
Mega Mallet
Metal Fists
Midnight Sword
Military Axe
Military Dress Sword
Monster Attack
Monster Fierce Basher
Mystic Sword of the Flames
Mythic Sword of the Earth
Mythic Sword of the Tides
Mythic Sword of the West Wind
Ninja Claws
Ninja Sai
Noir Periastron Psi
Ocean Samurai
Ocherous Katana of the Setting Sun
Omega Rainbow Sword
Orc Blade
Orinthian Axe
Orinthian Electroslasher
Orinthian Mace
Orinthian Sword and Shield
Otterhead Longsword
Otterhead Shortsword
Overseer Short Sword
Overseer Smashing Hammer
Overseer Sword & Shield
Overseer Warlord's Sword
Overseer's Axe
Pirate Cutlass
Pirate Hook
Pirate Lieutenant's Cutlass
Pizza Sword
Poisoned Skeleton Scythe
Polar Bear Attack Claws
Police Baton
Poseidon's Quake Trident
Potion of the Fiery Fists
Prehistoric Piercing Blade
Presidential Vampire Slaying Ax
Rainbow Katana
Rainbow Omega Katana
Rainbow Periastron Omega
Rainbowrath: The Avenger
Red Energy Sword
Red Sparkle Time Claymore
Retribution Ray
Riddling Skull Sword
Riot Shield and Billy Club Set
ROBLOX Classic Brigand's Sword
Rolling Pin
Ronin Katana
RoVacuum 2012
Sabertooth Attack Friend
Sand Tempest Scimitar
Saw Sword
Scepter of Pharoahs
Scythe of Singularity
Seashell Snare
Shadow Dancer
Shadow Sword
Sharp Shark Sword
Skeleton King's Sword
Skeleton Scythe
Skeleton Slashers
Sledge Hammer
Smashing Drum
Snowflake Shield and Sword
Sorcus' Sword of Judgement
Spartan Sword
Spartan Sword and Shield
Spec Alpha Biograft Energy Sword
Spec Beta Biograft Energy Sword
Spec Chi Biograft Energy Sword
Spec Epsilon Biograft Energy Sword
Spec Gamma Biograft Energy Sword
Spec Omega Biograft Energy Sword
Spec Zeta Biograft Energy Sword
Spectral Sword of Illusions
Spider Morning Star
Spider Slasher
Spikey Stick of Civilized Negotiation
Spring Sword of Growth
Springtime Cutlass Of Infinite Virtue
Staff of the Raging Storm
Star Hammer
Statue Staff of Stony Justice
Steelshanks Armament
Stone Hammer
Super Slash Cat Claws
Sword Cane
Sword Fish
Sword of Ancalagon
Sword of Darkness
Sword of Fiery Justice
Sword of Glowing Hope
Sword of Light
Sword of Nefertiti
Sword of Swords
Sword of the Autumnal Winds
Sword of the Epicblueness
Sword of the Epicredness
Sword of the Eternal Abyss
Sword of the Highlander
Sword of the Lands
Sword of the Seas
Sword of the Seven Winters
Sword of the Summer Sun
Sword of the Winter Winds
Sword of Unvanquished
Sword Punch
Taser Blade
Telamax XR71 Shoulder Cannon
Telamon's Foe Hammer
Telamonster: the Chaos Edge
Tempest Blades
The Arabian Nights
The Axe of Undoing: A Walmart Exclusive
The Break Up
The Luck 'O the Irish
The Merry Avenger
The Necrosapien Staff
The Pharaohs Guard Sword
The Sword of Shai
The Tormentor's Axe
Tiger Skin
Tiger's Wrath Sword
Towering Inferno Sword
Tribal Spear
Trusty Blade
Turkey's Vengeance Sword
Twin Kodachi
Uppercut Sword
Viridian Katana
Wasp Wings
Winged Magical Staff
Wizards of the Astral Isles: Limb Stretching
Wooden Club
Wooden Sword
Xanwood Katana
Year of the Snake Lantern
Zombie Axe
Zombie Staff
Zombie STOPing Axe
Zombification Injection

Looking for an easy way to get Melee Gear Codes & ID’s for Roblox? We have compiled and put together an awesome list with all the swords, shields, axes, daggers, and more. Press on the buttons to copy the numbers (Button Does NOT work for iOs, but you could still copy the ID’s).

These melee weapon ID’s and Codes can be used for many popular roblox games that allow you to customize your character and obtain various gears. It should be noted that the melee gear code list contains both girly and boyish melee weapons. Simply pick and choose the ones that you like.

All the melee related gears can be viewed easily on the table. Enjoy and hope you will find the perfect setup for your Roblox warrior.


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