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Roblox melee gear IDs June 2024

Looking for melee gear codes & IDs for Roblox? Discover swords, shields, axes, daggers, and more in our newly updated list!

June 2024’s Roblox melee gear codes can be used to import Roblox Gear items into many popular Roblox games. You can then use these deadly Roblox melee weapon IDs to decimate the competition. Many of our Roblox melee weapon codes are completely free, but don’t be too surprised if the larger and more flashy options require a few Robux to unlock.

All the melee related gears can be viewed easily on the table below, so enjoy, and we hope you find the perfect setup for your Roblox warrior.

All Roblox melee gear codes

If you want to find some free Roblox gear, or just the ones that cost the least Robux, you can sort our massive melee gear database by clicking on “Show filters +”, change the Sort option to “Price”, and choose “Ascending.”


There are a huge range of weapons to choose from, including katanas, axes, magical items, and even… animals? If you know what you’re looking for, plug it into the search bar of our database. Otherwise, feel free to browse the hundreds of options, many of which are absolutely free to redeem!

What are the best Roblox melee gear items?

The most popular Roblox melee gear item is by far the Rainbow Periastron Omega. Unfortunately, the item is in extremely short supply, and quite expensive. So, we believe that the best Roblox melee gear are in fact the Bat Scythe, and the Omega Rainbow Sword, but you might find something that better fits your character in our freshly updated database.

Once you’ve found the best weapon code for your character, consider finding some Roblox hat IDs and Roblox shoulder accessories to complete your avatar’s look.