Roblox melee gear IDs February 2024

Looking for melee gear codes & IDs for Roblox? Discover swords, shields, axes, daggers, and more in our newly updated list!

February 2024’s Roblox melee gear codes can be used to import Gear items into many popular Roblox games. You can then use these deadly Roblox melee weapon IDs to decimate the competition. Many of our Roblox melee weapon codes are completely free, but don’t be too surprised if the larger and more flashy options require a few Robux to unlock.

There are a huge range of weapons to choose from, including katanas, axes, magical items, and even… animals? If you know what you’re looking for, plug it into the search bar of our database. Otherwise, feel free to browse the hundreds of options, many of which are absolutely free to redeem!

All the melee related gears can be viewed easily on the table below, so enjoy, and we hope you find the perfect setup for your Roblox warrior.

All Roblox melee gear codes

If you want to find some free Roblox gear, or just the ones that cost the least Robux, you can sort our massive melee gear database by clicking on “Show filters +”, change the Sort option to “Price”, and choose “Ascending.”

Image of 109 Zombie Escape Scooter

109 Zombie Escape Scooter

Image of 2010 Fireworks

2010 Fireworks

Image of 2010 Roman Candle

2010 Roman Candle

Image of 2015 Fireworks

2015 Fireworks

Image of 2018 Fireworks

2018 Fireworks

Image of 2018 Noisemaker

2018 Noisemaker

Image of 2019 Fireworks

2019 Fireworks

Image of 2019 Spinning Noisemaker

2019 Spinning Noisemaker

Image of 4th of July 2016 Fireworks

4th of July 2016 Fireworks

Image of 4th of July Fireworks 2018

4th of July Fireworks 2018

Image of 8-Bit Blaster

8-Bit Blaster

Image of 8-Bit Duck Friend

8-Bit Duck Friend

Image of 8-Bit Frog Friend

8-Bit Frog Friend

Image of 8-bit Phoenix

8-bit Phoenix

Image of 8-Bit Pumpkin Launcher

8-Bit Pumpkin Launcher

Image of 8-Bit Skateboard

8-Bit Skateboard

Image of 8-Bit Sword

8-Bit Sword

Image of 8-Bit Throwing Barrel

8-Bit Throwing Barrel

Image of A Very Special Monster

A Very Special Monster

Image of Accursed Vampire Bat Hand

Accursed Vampire Bat Hand

Image of Acursed Mummy Hand of Head Shot

Acursed Mummy Hand of Head Shot

Image of Adurite Katana

Adurite Katana

Image of Advanced Exploding Lab Table

Advanced Exploding Lab Table

Image of Adventure Island

Adventure Island

Image of Agent 99's Laser Goggles

Agent 99's Laser Goggles

Image of Airstrike


Image of Alien Parasite

Alien Parasite

Image of All Hallow's Sword

All Hallow's Sword

Image of All-Seeing Golem's Hammer

All-Seeing Golem's Hammer

Image of All-Seeing Sentry

All-Seeing Sentry

Image of Alpaca Mount

Alpaca Mount

Image of Amazing Shrinking Elixir

Amazing Shrinking Elixir

Image of Amerilaser Blaster

Amerilaser Blaster

Image of Amerisword


Image of Amethyst Periastron Kappa

Amethyst Periastron Kappa

Image of An Elegant Blade

An Elegant Blade

Image of Anchor Cannon

Anchor Cannon

Image of Angry Attack Squirrel

Angry Attack Squirrel

Image of Annoying Elf: Keith

Annoying Elf: Keith

Image of Annoying Elf: Ostrichsized

Annoying Elf: Ostrichsized

Image of Apple Pie

Apple Pie

Image of April Showers

April Showers

Image of Arabian Knight Scimitar

Arabian Knight Scimitar

Image of Arctic Fox Tail

Arctic Fox Tail

Image of Artemis Bow

Artemis Bow

Image of Artichoke Morning Star

Artichoke Morning Star

Image of Astral Cloak of Transportation

Astral Cloak of Transportation

Image of Atmoblaster 777

Atmoblaster 777

Image of Atmoshocker


Image of Atomic Disintegrator 3100

Atomic Disintegrator 3100

Image of Atomizer


Image of Attack Doge

Attack Doge

Image of Attack Ocelot

Attack Ocelot

Image of Attack Raccoon

Attack Raccoon

Image of Attack Racket

Attack Racket

Image of Attack Sloth

Attack Sloth

Image of Attack Snake Staff

Attack Snake Staff

Image of Attrition Blade

Attrition Blade

Image of Axe of Blinding Justice

Axe of Blinding Justice

Image of Axe of the Divine Flame

Axe of the Divine Flame

Image of Azure Dragon's Magic Slayer

Azure Dragon's Magic Slayer

Image of Azure Periastron Alpha

Azure Periastron Alpha

Image of Azurewrath's Return

Azurewrath's Return

Image of Bacon Launcher

Bacon Launcher

Image of Bad Seed

Bad Seed

Image of Bag O' Noobs

Bag O' Noobs

Image of Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

Image of Bamboo Dart Blowgun

Bamboo Dart Blowgun

Image of Bamboo Katana

Bamboo Katana

Image of Banana Peel

Banana Peel

Image of BANG!


Image of Barrel O' Monkeys

Barrel O' Monkeys

Image of Baseball Bat

Baseball Bat

Image of Basketball


Image of Bat Knight Bat Sword

Bat Knight Bat Sword

Image of Bat Scythe

Bat Scythe

Image of Battle Axe

Battle Axe

Image of Battle Bottle

Battle Bottle

Image of Battle Sleighs!

Battle Sleighs!

Image of Battle Slingshot

Battle Slingshot

Image of Battle Wagons!

Battle Wagons!

Image of BB Gun

BB Gun

Image of BC Skateboard

BC Skateboard

Image of Beach Ball

Beach Ball

Image of Beach Battle Sword

Beach Battle Sword

Image of Bear Arm

Bear Arm

Image of Bear Mine Gun

Bear Mine Gun

Image of Beast Claws

Beast Claws

Image of Beef Wellington Launcher

Beef Wellington Launcher

Image of Beehive


Image of Bejeweled Sword of Great Fury

Bejeweled Sword of Great Fury

Image of Big Apple Launcher

Big Apple Launcher

Image of Big Bug Net

Big Bug Net

Image of Big Stick

Big Stick

Image of Binoculray


Image of Birthday Pinata

Birthday Pinata

Image of Black and White Sword

Black and White Sword

Image of Black Hole Bomb

Black Hole Bomb

Image of Black Tie Affair Gun

Black Tie Affair Gun

Image of Blackhole Ray Gun

Blackhole Ray Gun

Image of Bladed Ninja Claw

Bladed Ninja Claw

Image of Bladed Tutu

Bladed Tutu

Image of Blizzard Striker

Blizzard Striker

Image of Blizzard Wand

Blizzard Wand

Image of Blow Dryer

Blow Dryer

Image of Bloxiade


Image of Bloxster 2XH

Bloxster 2XH

Image of Bloxster 2XZ

Bloxster 2XZ

Image of Bloxster BZR

Bloxster BZR

Image of Bloxster STB

Bloxster STB

Image of Bloxxy Radar

Bloxxy Radar

Image of Blue Bloxxers Paintball Gun

Blue Bloxxers Paintball Gun

Image of Blue Fidget Spinner

Blue Fidget Spinner

Image of Blue Katana of One Thousand Tears

Blue Katana of One Thousand Tears

Image of Blue Laser Scythe

Blue Laser Scythe

Image of Blue Speedster

Blue Speedster

Image of Bluesteel Alterer of Destiny

Bluesteel Alterer of Destiny

Image of Bluesteel Claw

Bluesteel Claw

Image of Bluesteel Katana

Bluesteel Katana

Image of Bluesteel Midas Hand

Bluesteel Midas Hand

What are the best Roblox melee gear items?

The most popular Roblox melee gear item is by far the Rainbow Periastron Omega. Unfortunately, the item is in extremely short supply, and quite expensive. So, we believe that the best Roblox melee gear are in fact the Bat Scythe, and the Omega Rainbow Sword, but you might find something that better fits your character in our freshly updated database.

Once you’ve found the best weapon code for your character, consider finding some Roblox hat IDs and Roblox shoulder accessories to complete your avatar’s look.