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Roblox neck accessory IDs May 2024

Looking for a scarf or a cool necklace? Our list of Roblox neck accessory IDs can get you started in customizing your unique Roblox avatar.

If you’re looking to complete your character’s look, you can use our Roblox neck accessory IDs to add a necklace, tie, scarf, and numerous other items like whistles and even paintings. There are hundreds of options on offer in our expansive and freshly updated list of Roblox neck accessories, with more than a few free neck accessory codes on offer.

Neck accessories, as you might expect, are equipped into the “Neck” slot of your avatar, allowing you to mix and match a variety of neck items with other Roblox IDs to create a truly unique look. Our personal favorites are the Bone Chilling Necklace, the Gingerbread Man Scarf, and the Ninja Scarf of the Silent Wind, but feel free to disagree!

All Roblox neck accessory codes

If you want to find some free Roblox neck accessories, or just the ones that cost the least Robux, you can sort our massive necklaces database by clicking on “Show filters +”, change the Sort option to “Price”, and choose “Ascending.” Otherwise, head over to our free Roblox items page for some freebies.


Once you’ve found the neck accessory you want below, you can also find a matching Roblox hat ID and Roblox shoulder accessory to compliment it.