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Come and get it

Grab our tested and working Roblox ID music code for Come and get it by John Newman. Simply copy the song ID, and paste it into any radio or boombox.

Song Code
Artist Katy Perry
Featured Artist Snoop Dogg

Come and get it is a song by John Newman which is available to you through the use of our Roblox song codes. To listen to this awesome track on your Boombox or Radio, use the following code:

Come and get it code: 257776230

Mix and match Come and get it with our other Roblox song codes to create a truly unique playlist that you can enjoy at any time.

Of course, finding somewhere to play your Roblox music can be a bit of a challenge, especially as some Roblox games lock the Radio and Boombox feature behind a paywall.

If you do have access to the Radio (which only you can hear) or the Boombox (which everyone can hear), all you need to do is add the Come and get it ID into the textbox that appears when you have the Radio or Boombox items equipped.

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