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Escape the terrifying and titular character of Piggy, a baseball bat-wielding character that hunts you down while you try to escape one of several maps. You’ll need to discover a number of tools and keys hidden throughout the area in order to make your escape, but numerous gameplay modes switch up the Piggy formula by changing who can act as Piggy, and can even hide Piggy among the players.

As one of the greatest horror games on Roblox, Piggy has accumulated over 12 billion visits since its publication at the start of 2020.

If you can escape the area or, should you find yourself in Piggy’s shoes, eliminate all the other players, you’ll earn Piggy Tokens which you can use in the item shop to purchase skins, traps, and more. Need a few extra Piggy Tokens? Check out our fully updated list of Piggy codes for free tokens, and more.

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