Pet Simulator 99!

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Pet Simulator 99!

From the creators of Pet Simulator X comes the latest in Roblox pet simulation experiences: Pet Simulator 99! The developer BIG Games Pets has increased the number of pets you can equip and raise at any one time from the previous limit of 8 (or 15 if you got the gamepass) to a whopping 99 (hence the name Pet Simulator 99).

There are new minigames, worlds to explore and more in the latest entry to the Pet Simulator series. You’ll need a mountain of coins, gold bars, platinum, and emerald coins to get more eggs to hatch into adorable companions and unlock more areas. Just be warned, emerald is a very hard tier to reach!

You can earn these critical resources by looting numerous objects scattered throughout the world, or by collecting Lootbags. Of course, you can also use your hard-earned Robux to skip ahead of the grind, but you might want to keep an eye out for some freebies instead with some Pet Simulator 99 codes.

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