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Jailbreak Codes

Our Jailbreak codes wiki is home to all of the latest Jailbreak codes, regularly checked and updated by a team of experts.

Jailbreak Codes

Jailbreak is a Roblox experience in which you try to break out of prison. The game’s developer, Badimo, frequently releases new Jailbreak codes, all of which you can find below.

New Jailbreak codes

  • 7years – 14k cash
  • hammerhead – 12,000 cash
  • BOOM – 10,000 cash
  • Spring24 – 10,000 cash

How to redeem Jailbreak codes

  • Open Jailbreak.
  • Go to the bank, gas station, police station or train station.Click the three-dot ‘settings’ symbol at the the bottom right of the screen.
  • Find for an ATM and run up to it.
  • Click on the area that says “Enter code…”
  • Then enter your code and hit the Redeem.