Fruit Battlegrounds

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Fruit Battlegrounds

Fruit Battlegrounds is a popular One Piece-inspired Roblox experience, putting you in control of your very own pirate and setting you loose in the One Piece world of the Blue Sea. Once you’ve set sail, you can fight your friends, and unlock new abilities by consuming legendary Devil Fruits.

As you climb the ranks and defeat more enemies, you’ll slowly accrue bounty until you’re the most wanted pirate in all of Fruit Battlegrounds. Of course, to get there, you’ll probably want the best Devil Fruit there is, for which you’ll need several spins.

Devil Fruits are earned by spinning for them via a gacha mechanic. Of course, the more powerful Devil Fruits are much rarer, so you’ll want as many free spins as our Fruit Battlegrounds codes can provide, alongside the numerous free gems you can get to spend in-game.

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