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Attack on Titan Revolution

Discover Attack on Titan Revolution stats, developer details, and information all in one place – as well as links to any Attack on Titan Revolution codes.

Attack on Titan Revolution

If you’re looking for a Shingeki no Kyojin experience on Roblox, look no further than Attack on Titan Revolution.

This titan-slaying Roblox game has you conquering titans using your omni-directional gear, exploring a wide open map, and protecting the legendary walls around the main city of Paradis.

As you slay titans, you’ll climb the ranks of the Survey Corps, unlock new abilities, and become a legend in the world of Attack on Titan. Just remember: aim for the nape of the neck, and don’t get caught!

Looking for some boosts? When you create your character, you’ll automatically join a random family, each of which provide unique buffs to your avatar. Not happy with the family you got? You’ll need a few respins and gems to resolve that, which you can get for free with our freshly updated list of Attack on Titan Revolution codes.