Anime Punch Simulator

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Anime Punch Simulator

Anime Punch Simulator is a Roblox simulator experience inspired by the anime One Punch Man, but it also includes references to other anime franchises like Naruto. In this game you gain energy by punching, which increases your overall damage. The more you punch, the easier it is to kill mobs and earn gems.

If you want to level up your punch faster, you’ll need purple gems. Purple gems give you a spin on the wheel for allies like Orochimaru and Madara who will improve your punch faster than if you were alone.

As you increase your energy and defeat more powerful mobs you can travel to different islands and recruit and fight new anime characters on your travels.

Of course, everyone wants a small boost, which you can get from our up-to-date list of Anime Punch Simulator codes providing everything from potions, to tickets, to keys.

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