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(Tiny) Blocky Avatar – Green Soldier

Discover how to get the Roblox (Tiny) Blocky Avatar – Green Soldier item and dress up your character with our huge catalog of unique Roblox item IDs.

(Tiny) Blocky Avatar – Green Soldier
Item Code
Price 50
Creator miIkware
Number of Favorites 119

The (Tiny) Blocky Avatar – Green Soldier Roblox T-shirt is one of the many stylish items you can use to express your character’s personality, and it’s easy to find with our Roblox T-shirt codes. To get the (Tiny) Blocky Avatar – Green Soldier and personalize your Roblox character, use the following code:

(Tiny) Blocky Avatar – Green Soldier code: 14593372216

Mix and match the (Tiny) Blocky Avatar – Green Soldier with our other Roblox codes to create a truly unique avatar that everyone will recognize.

Once you’ve used the (Tiny) Blocky Avatar – Green Soldier code, simply head over to the Avatar customization section of your profile to equip it.

(Tiny) Blocky Avatar – Green Soldier description

The (Tiny) Blocky Avatar – Green Soldier item has the following description on the marketplace:

These Small Baby Suits are made to become BEST TINY 1.0 avatar on Roblox.

1 | Torso – Jester Equinox
2 | Arms – Jester Equinox
3 | Legs – Piggy
4 | Set all scaling & body to lowest possible settings
:: Works with other Layered clothing UGCs


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