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Discover how to get the Roblox D= item and personalize your character’s look with our huge catalog of unique Roblox item IDs.

Item Code
Price 48
Creator Roblox
Number of Favorites 28651

The D= Roblox face is one of the many expressions you can equip into the Face slot of your character with our Roblox face ID codes. To personalize your Roblox character’s face with D=,use the following code:

D= code: 17138027

Mix and match the D= with our other Roblox codes to create a truly unique avatar that everyone will recognize.

Once you’ve used the D= code, simply head over to the Avatar customization section of your profile to equip it.

D= description

The D= item has the following description on the marketplace:

Oh noes! You are not happy. Maybe you’ve just been rickrolled or shot with a super powerful laser beam. I don’t know what happened, but this face clearly shows that you are not pleased.